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suggestions for exaioros.

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suggestions for exaioros. Empty suggestions for exaioros.

Mensagem por popitx em Dom Jul 24, 2016 2:23 pm

1.- when you use invisible with sh gengar, he doesn't move so you have to wait for move
2.- sh gengar fly outfit please
3.- drop stones its very very difficult, so you have to wait a lot for boost your pokemon that make to the player have to donate more than spected, for buy rare candys, etc
4.- put a option in the vip store of how many ammount of things you want to buy with the points, its very bored have to click time by time for hyper balls, if you want to buy 2k of hyper ball you have to spend 2 minuts on do it, for the diamonds its the same,
5.-more shinys
6.- active gm or tutors for ban boters :/ we have a lot of bots for example the player "sex machine" was farming all the day in ghostland, if you try to talk with him he doesn't respond and if you summon your poke he stay there using cds but in the same place,
7.- a little bit more chance to see a shiny, some times you have to wait a lot for see 1 shiny
8.- make a doble event xp or catch 1 time for month idk would be nice more events,
9.- some new pokes have a very low cd

idk i will post more ideas, would be nice if 1 of that suggestion make it real


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Data de inscrição : 21/07/2016

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suggestions for exaioros. Empty Re: suggestions for exaioros.

Mensagem por Garunix em Seg Jul 25, 2016 9:55 pm

2.- sh gengar fly outfit please <- wtf????

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